At 5’9?, and having spent most of his adult life at 230lbs, Aaron Chaney made the decision one day to make a change and started on his journey towards a healthier lifestyle. For Aaron, it was an all or nothing decision. He knew he wouldn’t see results overnight, but he did know that making this lifestyle change would mean a longer, healthier life that he could spend with friends and family. He started by researching nutritional values and caloric deficit based on his and his family member’s individual height, weight, age, and goals and then developed specific meal plans for each person. He had no idea just how great each of those customized meal plans would change his and his family members’ lives. His drive for a healthier lifestyle peaked his interest in personal training and coaching.

By the encouragement of a friend, he started interning, training, and eventually getting certified as a National Academy of Sports and Medicine personal trainer. When he combined his extensive nutritional research and NASM-certified training, Aaron became known for bridging the fitness and diet gap with each of his clients by creating customized meal plans for every client that stepped into a session with him. Since making the switch to live a healthier lifestyle, Aaron has and continues to give each of his clients individualized goal setting and results. To date, Aaron’s total clients’ weight loss exceeds 1500 pounds combined.

Whether it’s in the gym, in the kitchen, or online, Aaron’s dedication to expanding health and fitness by thinking outside of the box and coming up with new ways to help people achieve their goals has never been stronger. What started out as a personal journey, has led Aaron to helping over a hundred people change their lives so far.