In-Home Training

Need to fit in a workout, but commitments with work, family, and home often get in the way of you actually making the trip to the gym? Aaron Chaney Fitness can help fix that problem by bringing the gym to you. Whether you prefer an outdoor or indoor setting, we design each session to make sure you get the most of your in-home training sessions. By customizing the training based on your fitness goals, as well as taking travel time out of the equation, you’re more likely to not only stay consistent with your new healthy lifestyle, but actually enjoy getting fit in the process.

In-Home Personal Training Packages

# of Sessions Price per session Total price Savings Average Length
1 session $130 $130 4 Weeks
4 sessions $115 $460 $60 1-2 weeks
8 sessions $100 $800 $240 4 weeks
12 sessions $95 $1,140 $420 4-6 weeks
24 sessions $90 $2,160 $960 2-3 months

*For monthly and private training packages, please contact Aaron Chaney at 619.559.0626 for more info. Start your free session today