One year ago this week, Alex Lopez decided to take the first step and started training with me. Alex made a promise to his father; that he would lose weight and get healthy. Starting off our journey together, Alex weighed 355lbs and as of today with consistent training and dedication, he now weighs 254lbs…that’s a total weight loss of 101lbs.
The journey wasn’t always easy for him to lose the weight. After losing 60lbs, he hit a plateau and couldn’t drop anymore weight. Rather than get discouraged, he stayed focused and I changed up his meal plan, started a carb cycling plan and then the weight began to fall off again. We were in this together.
I am truly happy for him. He has worked extremely hard to achieve his fitness goals. When I think back to when he first met with me, I will never forget the determination I saw in his eyes. He REALLY wanted to achieve his goals, and stayed on course with no excuses. Alex – you have impressed me with your hard work, consistency, perseverance, and dedication. Don’t ever give up! You are such an inspiration for so many people trying to accomplish their fitness goals.
A special shout out to Alex’s boxing coach; Alex, and his bootcamp coach; Cassie.
Let the journey continue, we have more work to do buddy

Written by: admin